About Us

Kainops provides curated subscription boxes of dazzling minerals and breathtaking fossils. With experts in paleontology, geology, and ethical sourcing, we provide fantastic, affordable pieces. All with a story hundreds of millions of years old.


Kainops was founded to bring the intersection of our team’s expertise to the public: art, minerals, and fossils. It’s hard to imagine a better sculpture than one that takes millions of years to make. At Kainops, we’re passionate about all things geology. From high school earth science classrooms to years-long research projects, our background brings you piece from near and far perfect for budding paleontologists and Instagram shoots alike.

We’re named after a team favorite, the trilobite genus Kainops. Kainops belongs to the family Phacopidae, and is found in the early Devonian, over four hundred million years ago. With a face like that, what’s not to love?