Every two months, you’ll receive a box with six hand-selected minerals and fossils. Every piece is carefully chosen for its rarity, aesthetic value, and history by our team with over fifteen years of cumulative industry experience. With each personalized piece, you will receive a card with information about the specimen and the country it comes from, as well as the collectors who excavated it.

We’ve traveled to over a dozen countries to find the best pieces, just for you.

We’re passionate about fossils and minerals, of course. But their ancient story has a modern counterpart, and we strive to ensure all our pieces are collected ethically and legally. Our team is fluent in five languages to work with local collectors, and we work to enrich the regions they originate from.

With your collection comes information on the pieces: how old they are, where they come from, what processes formed them. We’ll even provide information on how to collect your own pieces when possible.

We make sure you get your money’s worth, too. By working with trusted collectors and dealers – oftentimes close friends – we provide excellent value and a unique way to grow, or start, your collection. 

Below is a sample box, highlighting the diversity of our pieces and the places they come from.

Amethyst cluster – Strikingly purple, these amethyst crystals originate from Brazil. The distinctive color derives from the substitution of iron for silicon in the crystal lattice structure.

Polished dinosaur bone fragment – From massive Jurassic sauropods, these dinosaur bone fragments come from the Morrison Formation and show fantastic hues of red, orange, and even blue!

Kainops trilobite – Our namesake! A complete, articulated Kainops invius trilobite from Oklahoma, with excellent eyes and a striking juxtaposition of caramel-colored exoskeleton against the white matrix. Hand-prepared in the United States, this is a wonderful introduction to trilobite collecting.

Squalicorax shark toothWonderful, large teeth from Squalicorax are uncommon, as they are often damaged when extracting the fossils from phosphate mines in Morocco. We work with local collectors to get the highest quality teeth available, and hope you enjoy them just as much as we do.

Cleoniceras ammoniteOriginating in central Madagascar, our Cleoniceras fossils are hand-selected for color and quality! The permineralized fossils come from ammonites, related to the modern-day nautilus, that lived alongside dinosaurs.

Pennsylvanian Fern Fossils – The striking white of the fern against the coal-bearing stone is almost hard to believe when you see them, but comes from pyrophyllite replacement from only a handful of sites in Pennsylvania. Primarily Neuropteris and Alethopteris, these are gorgeous hand samples that are hard to come by – the major public site was closed in 2013.